Mercedes-Benz Certified Dealer Website Program

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Dealer Website Program connects you with the leading names in automotive digital marketing to provide you with the most innovative website solution possible.

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The Mercedes-Benz Certified Dealer Website Program connects you with the biggest names in automotive digital marketing as a way to provide choice in who supports your website. Each website platform will present your site with a unique look and feel, and will offer templates, allowing you to customize your online presence. The program will seamlessly integrate Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes Vans and smart campaign content, offers, and incentives into a single website experience.

Regardless of the provider you choose, Mercedes-Benz will seamlessly integrate the latest campaign content, offers and incentives within your website for a consistent message across tiers.

Questions about the providers?

Our Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultants (MDCs) are experts in each of the Certified Website platforms and will assist every step of the way in updating your website, regardless of the provider you chose.

Choose Your Vendor integrates auto retail’s top-performing advertising, inventory merchandising, and Digital Retailing tools into a connected and intuitive website platform that empowers Mercedes-Benz dealers to successfully attract, engage, and convert online vehicle shoppers. With its unsurpassed technology, service, and data integration, this connected solution makes every aspect of automotive retailing more profitable for Mercedes-Benz retailers and more enjoyable for Mercedes-Benz shoppers.

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The path to results starts here. DealerFire responsive websites are designed specifically for cross-platform compatibility, which ensures your customers have the same experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We combine our innovative products to craft a unique winning strategy.

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DealerOn is committed to providing our dealers with more opportunities to sell more cars more profitably than any other website platform. We use data, A/B testing and conversion science to build websites and provide digital marketing services that maximize results. We actually guarantee that our website platform will deliver at least 50% more leads than any alternative in the industry. We produce these amazing results because of 1) our sophisticated A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, 2) our industry-leading responsive website technology, and 3) the SEO from our Google-Optimized sites.

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Dealer Inspire

Don’t judge a book by its cover. While Dealer Inspire’s platform may look sleek, its data driven approach to design and functionality is second to none. Using Google’s Material Design elements, Inspire operates by constantly innovating and implementing change based on behind the scenes ROI and event testing. DI breaks the mold by using platform originating digital retailing tools such as geo-fencing, personalization, advanced payment calculator, Conversations (live chat), YouTube video plugins, and more.

Adding the backend components of the True ROI dashboard, inventory analytics and customer intelligence module, dealers will have everything they need to handle leads better and measure results in a way they never could have before.

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