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Keeping Live Leads Live

BuyNow is the first-ever, live-assisted digital retailing platform in automotive. Industry leading integrations and reliable market data give your customers transparency & confidence and guide them through the entire buying process. BuyNow is the most flexible & dealer-friendly digital retailing product on the market today, specifically designed to allow for customizations and flexibility to fit into any dealership operation. With BuyNow, you can transform simple inquiries into ready and willing buyers.

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Live Assisted

BuyNow is the first ever live assisted automotive digital retail platform. Our customers can get their questions answered and negotiate in real time with your team, while you have the option to monitor and guide their transaction.

Regional & National Incentives

All incentives and rebates are completely customizable and can be automated to display real time pricing logic without the need for intervention. Available offers include generic and conditional rebates with full stackability logic.

Trade Integration

BuyNow’s integration with TradePending makes valuing a vehicle easy and reliable. TradePending uses live market data and dealership investment estimates, yielding values that are more accurate than traditional books. Additional market factors are shared with the consumer, thereby building transparency and confidence in the trade number.

Payment Calculator

BuyNow’s customizable payment calculator gives you complete control of the payment estimation display to your customers. Customers are empowered to configure payments based on variable factors such as trade in, down payment, and payoff.

Time Saved in the Store

Show your customers what they want to see… they want to spend less time in the store BuyNow allows you to customize timers and displays so that you can reinforce the time savings for your customers.