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Digital Retailing

Digital Retail software provides enhancements to a dealer website, combining already existing features into a “checkout-like” experience to guide the customer towards a purchase. Think of Digital Retail technology as an online storefront that allows the customer to complete as much of the buying process as they want from wherever they are. The tool can also be used in-store to empower your sales people in their conversations with customers and provide additional transparency and trust.

Implementation of Digital Retail technology requires commitment from the dealership management, but successfully implementing the tool can have a powerful impact on the customer experience at your store. When a dealership uses the tool to its full capabilities, it can help with employee recruitment and retention, streamlined operations, and higher gross margins.

Each vendor will facilitate the on-boarding of a new dealer with support as needed from MBUSA and your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant. Once you’ve made a provider and package selection, your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant will contact you to discuss product and service activation's.

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CarNow is excited to be a part of the Mercedes Benz Certified Programs with BuyNow. BuyNow is a next-generation digital communication platform developed in partnership with leading dealership groups across the country. Our tool is built on a unique software architecture that provides the foundation for digital retailing in the Automotive industry, and fundamentally enhances the interaction between customers and dealers.

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Turn the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love. Simple, seamless, and native, Modal technology increases your sales and profits with a complete end-to-end online shopping experience. Our transparent design feels like part of your own web pages and builds buyer trust. Transacted sales include real-time financing, documents, up-sells, trade-ins, and more. Enhance your existing website and store, empower your sales team, and automate your finance process with Modal.

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Sell cars while you sleep, with MotoCommerceTM.

MotoCommerce is an integrated digital retail platform that creates a seamless purchase journey that’s cohesive across online and offline channels, allowing your dealership to stay open 24/7/365.

MotoCommerce is proven to boost CSI, deliver higher conversion rates and increase F&I sales. Built based on extensive behavioural data, every stage of the MotoCommerce car-buying journey is optimized to ensure maximum profit per deal.

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At Roadster, our mission is to make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved. We do it by offering omnichannel commerce solutions for today’s modern dealership, which deliver the same seamless and streamlined shopping experience as customers switch between your site and your store. Roadster dramatically improves dealership customer satisfaction scores, while significantly reducing sales costs. From inventory merchandising, to financing/leasing, incentives, trade-ins, service plans and accessories - Roadster delivers near penny perfect deals in a beautifully designed interface that customers and employees will love.

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