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Sell More Cars with PureCars.

Car shoppers aren't just looking at one online source before they make their purchase-- they're visiting over 20 sources online before making a decision. Your advertising should reach shoppers across them all. Efficiency in media spend has never been more important. PureCars' award-winning technology makes it easy. Our solution helps your dealership advertise the right vehicle, in the right location, for the right price, and at the right time.

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About PureCars SmartAdvertising®

  • A fully unified platform across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Display, Video
  • Technology that reaches car buyers in your market across all devices, screens, and ad mediums (search, display, social, and more)
  • The only platform customized specifically to the automotive industry

With our technology and Mercedes Benz Program's immediate access to available Co-Op funds, we'll handle the technical end so you can focus on what matters: maximizing ROI and driving your sales forward.

Digital Advertising + Market Supply/Demand + Merchandising

  • SmartAdvertising® analyzes your inventory automatically, down to the VIN-level
  • Identify which vehicles should be advertised based on how well it's merchandised online and market supply / demand data
  • View model-level data like days on the lot and pricing from other dealers in your market
The benefit: We help you move the cars you need to move

Technology + Data

  • Target your shoppers at the zip-code level
  • Leverages data like sold data, income, and brand affinity to serve ads to in-market buyer
The benefit: drives higher conversions in-store

Cross-Screen Syndication

Our technology is fast, streamlined, and logical across every platform.

Our unified strategy serves the right ad to the right person, no matter where they are online.

The benefit: You sell more cars, we do the work and make your life easy.

Partner in Your Success

Our tech is just one piece of the story. A Strategy Manager, Performance Managers, and a Digital Specialist are on your team to optimize strategy, maximize your spend and make digital easy. We're not a vendor, we're proud our clients call us a partner.