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Elevate your customer experience

Make it easier for customers to interact with your dealership

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Keep your dealership open 24/7

Let your customers ask questions anytime through live chats, texts and messenger. Respond to customers 24/7 and get more satisfied customers.

Delight your customers

Work together to increase customer satisfaction. Watch live conversations and jump in to make a personal connection with your customers.

Show off your specials

Highlight your best offers and display them based on unique visitor behavior to create a personalized experience for your customers.

Prepare for sales

Our solutions deliver high quality leads directly to your team. Turn us on and watch the leads pour into your CRM.


The most advanced live chat in automotive

ChatSmart makes it easy for your customers to connect with your dealership, boosting online lead conversion and customer experience. Your customers can communicate with your dealership from any device through multiple channels.

  • Sell more cars on Facebook (CS - Sell more cars on FB screen 5.png) – We post your pre-owned inventory to Facebook Marketplace, handle all incoming inquiries through Messenger, and upload your leads to your CRM.
  • Connect with your customers instantly (CS - Connect with customers instantly - screen 3.png) - Watch live chats and texts, whisper with our operators and your teammates, or jump right in.
  • Take advantage of leading integrations (CS - Show off Inventory -screen 4.png) – From credit check and trade-ins to parts directory search and appointment scheduling Gubagoo has it all.


One powerful app to text with your customers

Text+ gives you full control over your team’s inbound and outbound text conversations. This fully compliant solution lets you centrally manage all text conversations between team members and customers. A perfect complement to ChatSmart or it can be used on its own as a standalone solution.


The intelligent way to promote your specials

Publisher dynamically changes your offers based on visitor behavior presenting them with offers made just for them. There are several customizable ad types to choose from, including specials, department tabs, social profiles, billboards, page overlay, appointment booking, and more. With Publisher you can take your lead conversion to the next level.