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Courtesy Vehicle Program

Courtesy Vehicle software and tools strive towards three goals: decrease costs, generate efficiencies, and enhance the consumer experience. By utilizing one of the four Certified Providers, your dealership will be on its way to achieving these milestones.

The tools available to your dealership offer best-in-class solutions to optimize your Courtesy Vehicle Fleet. Through managing your Courtesy Vehicle Fleet information, each industry-leading provider can assist in the growth of your dealership; both in employee satisfaction and your bottom line.

Upon selecting the Certified Provider and package of your choice, your Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant will contact you to discuss product and service activation's. Each Certified Provider offers a unique value proposition to support your dealership.

*Demonstrations available upon request.

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ARSLoaner is an extremely user friendly and powerful CVP management system designed to ensure your dealership has the tools required to make your loaner program run efficiently. ARSLoaner has a simple interface so all the information you need is just a click or two away. We know our dealers are busy, so we ensure they can get a customer in a loaner with just a few clicks. Tracking and reporting on the vehicles is just as easy. Our robust reporting dashboard allows you two track your fleet performance and all KPI's in a single screen.

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Fully-connected and paperless, the Dealerware platform helps recover costs, create efficiencies, and elevate the customer experience. Customers rate speed and ease of use among the top features they love. First to market with mobile-first technology, Dealerware is the proven solution that delivers value you can depend on Day One. Connected Car Services adds the convenience of knowing vehicle status and automating fuel recovery, while Toll Services allow you to automatically pass through toll costs to the customer. Dealerware customers recover an average of $65/ vehicle/month, increase utilization by an average of 15% and see an average 27-point increase in CSI, according to JD Power, compared to any other provider.

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HyperDrive is the newest and most advanced CVP program to the dealer market. As a longtime software Fleet Management company, we have a strong backbone for core vehicle tracking and data management. What makes our product unique is our advanced technology to provide live invoices to customers for Fuel, Tolls, Out of Area Mileage, Daily Mileage and more. Live 24/7 GPS Tracking gives dealers visibility into your fleet while providing an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 4/1 in recovering money spent on loaner vehicles.

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The next generation of CVP technology is here with a new solution from TSD. Our new features include integrated telematics so you always know where your CVP units are, fuel cost recouping tools, automatic collection of customer tolls and violations, and the ability to write up a loaner agreement on your mobile device. TSD has been the exclusive provider for the Mercedes Benz Courtesy Vehicle Program for the past eight years, and all existing data will be migrated into the new solution. TSD continues to support 12 other mandated OEM programs, servicing over 7500 dealers nationwide, and we look forward to continuing to work with Mercedes-Benz dealers.

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